SMUTTy Crab H3

SMUTTy Trail #259
Date: Saturday July 29, 2017  1PM

​Badwater is an ultra-marathon in the Death Valley desert, one of the hottest places in Northern America, where the only way to avoid melting your shoes is to run on the white lines of the highway. And dear lord in heaven, don't drink the water, no matter what the sexy mirage lady says to you.

Since Map didn't kill anyone last year with her mid-summer sweat-fest, she gets another shot at it! Come on out for lots of blood, sweat, and tears, plus a shit-ton of water, Gatorade, and ice.

Gonna be hot as balls, so I would not advise bringing dogs or kids. This is going to be a scorcher, no doubt.

Start is at Cove Point Park in the back. Trail is A to A. Bring your desert gear and may God have mercy on your skin, electrolytes, and vascular system.

Coordinates: 38.387634, -76.417429

Cove Point Park
750 Cove Point Rd, Lusby, Maryland 20657

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