SMUTTy Trail #269

November 18, 1pm

Cum one, cum all to Scuba’s Hashy Birthday and Spanxgiving! Don your best spandex shapewear
or sexy pilgrim attire and get shiggy wit it for Scuba’s birthday!

Where: meet behind the credit union next to the Leonardtown McKay’s. HERE

When: 1300 pre lube, pack away 1315. Ish.

Hare: Scuba Deuce

Trail notes: Shiggy. Water. Urban. More shiggy. Shots. Beers. Maybe a game of skill or two. About 4.5 miles. Maybe a shorter walkers option, if I have time to pre lay it.

Extras: bring a dry bag. I will make you wet on trail. Also, if you bring the supplies, I GUESS you can do a cake-ing, since we haven’t done one in a while.

On after: Bottom of The Hill Tavern

Next Trail.

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