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SMUTTy Crab H3

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SMUTTy Trail #274

January  27  11 AM (NOTE EARLY START TIME)

22535 Breton Bay Dr, Leonardtown, MD 20650-4736

Map and Bourbon are losing their freedom to a baby. Sad face.

-But their loss is your gain! This trail to is mourn the loss of opportunity to sleep in, travel the world unencumbered, and save a ton of money on useless toys.

After trail, SMUTTy Crabbers and their families are invited to come over to the Map and Bourbon Casa for an Irish Wake, complete with food, cake, and maybe a game or two for fun. Irish music to be played, and plenty of whiskey to be consumed (but not by Map).

Trail by SCÜBÉ Deuce will be begin at Breton Bay Beach in Leonardtown, and HARES AWAY @ 11:00 SHARP. Bring a bathing suit/body suit/Speedo swimming brief, a towel, and extra clothes and shoes for the Polar Bear Plunge after trail. It gets pretty cold in the Bay. 

*This is also a canned food drive for a local food pantry; please bring canned food as a donation.

If you need the address to Map and Bourbon's house, please contact one of us and we will gladly give it to you. If you need to shower at Map and Bourbon's house after the plunge, that is fine as well.