Big Announcement: SMUTTy Crab Camp Out rego's are SOLD OUT!!!  For more info go to the SMUTToberfest page.


About SMUTTy Crab H3

Southern Maryland Un-athletic Tippling Trailblazers and a 'y'

We run every other Saturday at 1:00 Pee Emm; Hares away at 1:15; runs are $5.00 per person and our trails are usually 3-5 miles and may be off-road, on-road, or maybe just a lap around the bar. This is SOMD so there may be lots of mud, ticks, poison ivy, and SMIBs - come prepared! Information on our upcoming runs will be posted in the NEXT TRAIL tab

For info on the SMUTTy Crab H3, send an email to  the Goodsmutt Ambassador at 

SMUTTy Crab H3