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Trail #287

Aug 11


​Chant it with me: “Two Men Enter...One Man Leaves!”

Since Scuba finds himself back in the barren, scorched hellscape that is St. Mary’s County, let’s get post-apocalyptic with it. Don your best Mad Max road warrior gear, and get ready to fight your way out of the ring like Morty while drinking like Rick.

We’re going non-canon with this, so Pickle Rick is also encouraged.

I promise shiggy, water, pain, and beer. The rest is negotiable and riddled with probably unpleasant surprises. Length is somewhere around 5 miles, with some shortcuts available for the weak. 

Four-legged hashers should be okay. Trail is not wheeled-hasher friendly, though. If you bring your love making trophies, you’ll have to get real creative with your short-cutting and zen-ing to keep up.

Prelube at 1230. Hare away at 1300. Pack away shortly thereafter.

22555 Breton Bay Dr.

Leonardtown MD

I’ve got a lot new tricks amassed from all my travel hashing, so I’m gonna get real weird with it.

On After: Pool party at the Scuba Shack. So bring gear for that.