SMUTTy Crab Trail #304 DC Full Moon Trail
Saturday, March 23, 2019 @ 6:30pm

Start: MedStar Health in Brandywine, Maryland. 

13950 Brandywine Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613
Coordinates: 38.696679, -76.861579

Cost: $6

Hare(s): Some people you won't catch on a SMUTTy trail

Metro: Unless you know the bus lines from Branch Avenue station (spoiler: C13 to the #36)

Parking: Yup, see address above

Dog Friendly Factor: Yes, on leash

Stroller Friendly Factor: Yes, at least one baby will be strolled on trail (accompanied by blinking safety lights), or else no walker's trail for you!

Miscellaneous: Shiggy factor is always 3.69+ for SMUTTy runner and walker trails. A dry bag (or at least a change of clothing, if you choose to wear any) is never a bad idea in Maryland for SMUTTy trails. Bring your head lamps and shiggy socks!

On After: Chevy’s

Specials: We think you are special!
​ (That is to say, none.)