SMUTTy #389

Wet, Hot America Sunburn Trail

July 23, 2022, Saturday @ 1500


St. Mary's County Circuit Court

41605 Court House Drive

Leonardtown, Maryland 20650​


38.288789, -76.635072

Cost: $5

Hare: SCUBA Deuce


Dog-Friendly Factor: Must be on a leash.

Stroller-Friendly Factor: We'll figure out a work-around.

Trail Information

Scuba’s coming to trail? Must mean he’s hare-ing.
Seriously, how do I keep doing this to myself?! Why, oh why, can I not just contentedly be a $5 hasher like all my friends?

Anyway…everybody get in the truck; we’re going into town!

It’s really nice to go to town, even if it’s only for an hour.
3 pee em meet (unless we changed the times, officially?)
1515 hares away
1525ish pack away

Four-legged hashers are welcome.

Wheelchair hashers will have troubles but may survive in one piece.

Lepers will likely not, in fact, survive in one piece.


Turkey and Eagle options. (3ish miles and 5ish miles)
It will be hot. I will get you wet. You may get mud on your ass. You will dress like a 1980’s camp counselor on the last day of summer camp.

On After: Pool Party at the Scuba Shack. Bring your bathing suits. Or don’t. Skinny dip or chunky dunk to your heart’s content. Andy, I’m the Camp Director, not your mother.

Questions? Text Scuba 443.534.166three. For fastest answer, please phrase your questions in the form of a nude photo.

See you at macrame class!

On-After: SCUBA's Hasher Soup Pool

We'll maybe order pizza from Slice House? Sure.