​​​SMUTTy Crab Trail #327

SMUTTy Crab Full Moon Trail
Saturday, 8 February 2020 @ 1500

Start: ​

​Mellwood Hills Community Park 

7575 Dower House Road
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772​


38.788505, -76.828858​

Cost: $6 ($5 + $1 for Full Moon H3)

Beer and A Bag Full of Dildo's... GOOD TIMES!

Dog-Friendly Factor: Yes, on leashes.

Stroller Friendly Factor: Nope. Lots of shiggy. Tough kid-friendly, though.

Trail Information: BBD's hashiversary offers us all the opportunity to drink and run in the, uh, evening-ish time.

You might get your toesies wet, so bring a dry bag. And bring a vessel. Eagle/turkey options.

On-After: Maybe a potluck. There'll be beer, we assume.