Happy lunar new year, as the Chinese calendar flipped to Year of the Pig! Pigs represent wealth, and their chubby faces coupled with big ears mean fortune!

SMUTTy Crab Trail #301 Happy Chinese New Year​, Trail of the Pig!

Details: Hash-Hound Friendly A-to-A Trail, but there will be at least one high-traffic crossings, so bring a leash. Bring a dry bag just in case. Kid friendly-ish; can easily be made stroller friendly.

On After: Asahi? (Sapporo for all!)

Next Trail: Trail #301 Chinese New Year

Saturday, 9 February 2019 @1300.

Hares away at 1330.​​

Start location: The pavilion in the Frisbee Golf Park (behind John G. Lancaster Park; "The Flat Tops").

​Coordinates: 38.261765 N, -76.448095 W